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Bacchus Cult The ambassador of your legacy to the world


BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. firmly believes each Premium Wine & Spirit we offer is a true Elixir, Heritage of our elders and should be degustated with an attitude of respect and discovery, with joy and above all with maturity and MODERATION.

In CANADA We specialize in each Province's procedures of Selection, Purchasing and Merchandising. Adopting the role of Agent of Representation and Distribution we offer to the Canadian consumers Wines & Spirits alike from various backgrounds, all with premium quality and prestige as common denominator. Our products can be found on the shelves of Private Liquor Stores and Provincial Liquor Board Stores(LCBO, SAQ, BCLS ... *).

BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. has presence in MEXICO, PEROU, BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and THE UNITED KINGDOM. We may carry out the roll of exclusive distributors or we see to have presence through trading partners & peers.



Passionate about our mission we promote the brands we represent at exclusive bars and restaurants, while educating our consumers as to how to enjoy best their drink of choice! Hence optimizing their exposure and solidifying its presence in stores. In BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. we also cater to commercialize small production premium brands, therefore we carry out Private Imports for epicurean customers, Bars & Restaurants, for whom exclusivity is a MUST.

Our operations apply INCOTERMS and they are upheld by Governmental and/or Financial organizations. Most notably in Canada, country which resources to the use of factoring and Purchase Commitment Letters. *Visit LOGIN to verify procedures


BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. is an International company, focused on the Representation, Distribution, Merchandising and Promotion of Premium Brands of Wine & Spirits. BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. was born in Montreal, in Quebec, the first Cosmopolitan city in Canada* known to the world in the 1800's. Montreal brought down the walls that ran along the Saint Lawrence River, opening piers and docks to vessels arriving from every corner of the world. Hence greatly contributing to the economical growth and stability of a young country, Canada.

brewing beer for import or export

Beer, Wine and Liquore import export

Due to this new identity, international trade and commerce, Montreal became home to a blend of cultures, the Native First Nations of the Americas, the French and English settlers and later welcoming Immigrants from Irish and Mediterranean Backgrounds and basically everyone else that chose to adopt Montreal as their home. This rich blend of National Identities is represented today not only by our city's flag but by our way of living, by our way of enjoying this splendid cultural heritage that is still forged and transformed and that it was left for us. Just as Cause&Effect BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. came to life on such a vibrant place like the island of Montreal.

*Word from Iroquoian origin that means Settlement or Village "KANATÁ"

and Let Us Be The Ambassador
of your Legacy to the World.

Our selections

Our selection of Brands has over 200 Gold Medals all over the World in the most prestigious Wine & Spirits Competitions!!

A selection of the brands we represent

Our promise

BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. will incessantly apply the necessary tactic and strategy  to see your Premium Wine or Spirit succeed on the new markets and conquer the hearts of its new consumers.

How do BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. does it?, we believe that each Wine & Spirit that chooses Us to be their Ambassador, inherently sees themselves reflected in our identity, values; therefore each and every time we set sail to new waters, we put in place a tailor made group of Elite specialists; that will take all aspects into account. There will be market analysis, scouting on field, study and benchmark similar Wines and Spirits. And make sure we see it through.

BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC.has the conviction that learning everything there is to be learned and to listen and understand the needs and ambitions of our clients is an invaluable tool. Based on this premise, we make sure to make a strong emphasis to our distributors, about the characteristics that sets apart and elevates our brands to a higher category. This process of KNOWLEDGE & EMPHASIS, will play a key role in the promotion and recognition of your premium beverage.

Quality Mescal


BACCHUS CULT, IMPORTS&EXPORTS INC. family shares an innate philosophy of work ethics. Our mission is finding balance in everything we touch. We live our Values of discipline, responsibility, humbleness and self awareness.

In the family of BACCHUS CULT IMPORTS & EXPORTS INC. We are convinced that our actions TODAY will have an impact in our TOMORROW, this is why we cater to represent premium brands that share our vision and encourage the use of recycled materials, ORGANIC agriculture and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

*Click on either the Canadian Organic Regime or Europa logo to find out more.

To give back is also a core value to us, this is why we support the less fortunate, through donations to private organizations in Mexico, whose mission is the education, and to provide food, shelter and care to homeless children .*

*If you are interested in donating to this cause, let us know.


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